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News Update: Sutton Estate Road Trip

21 Oct 2014

chelseadurand002.jpgThank you to those who joined us on our road trip to visit Affinity Sutton’s ‘The Lavenders’ (Durand Close) in the London Borough of Sutton on Saturday 18 October.

Members of the Steering Group and a small number of fellow tenants came along to see The Lavenders which is currently undergoing redevelopment, and this site visit was a great opportunity to see an Estate under development first hand.

During the visit, we were able to go and look at the Estate’s purpose-built community centre, and to view some empty properties to get an idea of the size and
quality of new accommodation that has been built. Afterwards, lunch was enjoyed by chelseadurand025.jpgall in the new community centre where tenants met Brian, who was a member of The Lavenders Resident Steering Group, and Bob Beaumont, who is the scheme’s Project Director.

Keep an eye out for the next edition of Chelsea Chat which will provide a summary of the day and some photos for those who were unable to attend.

We also plan to run a similar trip for other tenants, so if you are interested in visiting the Lavenders, please get in touch with Natalie Down.