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Information - contractors on site

04 Jun 2014

You may have seen some contractors on site and we apologise for any concern that this may have caused.

For information Geotechnical Engineering Ltd will be working on the Estate over the next couple of weeks on ground investigations. 

This work will take place at about 25 locations across the site and will provide information on the Estate’s ground conditions to inform the future redevelopment. These investigations will involve some shallow hand dug pits and also some pits that will need drilling.

The contractor has worked with us on positions for parking, welfare and storage containers and is also using three drilling rigs to complete the drilling as quickly as possible and minimise disruption. 

Accoustic barriers and screens are being used where possible to reduce noise. Once the initial works are over the contractors will return to monitor the wells over a few months. 

On completion all the excavation locations will be left in a clean and tidy state and all plant and equipment will be removed from the site. 

Apologies again for any concern these works may have caused and do please contact Natalie Down, Resident Liaison Manager on 0300 100 0303 or 07969731505 if you have any further queries or concerns.