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Chelsea Chat - January 2015

12 Jan 2015

The January edition of Chelsea Chat has been delivered to Affinity Sutton tenants, providing tenants with all the details of our next consultation events (also available online here).

Tenants: Enclosed with the newsletter is a postcard for you to sign up for an hourly session at our tenants’ only event on Thursday 22 January (12pm – 7pm, J/K Sheltered Lounge). Please indicate on the postcard your availability and send it back to us using the envelope provided with our Freepost address (no stamp necessary) by Friday 16 January. You can also let us know your availability by getting in touch:

  • By phone – 0800 148 8911
  • Visit Alecia in J&K or Natalie at the Estate Office

For those unable to make the tenants’ only event, we will be holding two further public events on Saturday 24 January and Tuesday 27 January, to which all tenants are of course more than welcome to attend. Materials from the consultation events will also be available shortly after, alongside the opportunity to comment online (here).

We look forward to seeing you.

Chelsea Chat Jan15.jpg