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Affinity Sutton’s planning application to regenerate the Sutton Estate, Chelsea which was developed over many years with residents, local councillors, RBKC officers, representative bodies and the local community was refused by the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea (RBKC) in November 2106. 

We were deeply disappointed with this decision and so in June 2017, Affinity Sutton lodged an appeal with the Planning Inspectorate as we firmly believe redevelopment is the best option for both our residents and to secure the future of social housing there.


Here’s what some of our residents have to say about the regeneration of their Estate:

Anne, Sutton Estate   Couple - Sutton Estate   Sutton Estate tenant   Joan, Sutton Estate 

"What I'm really looking forward to is a nice balcony where I can sit out and sun myself with a nice bottle of wine."  ~ Joan Everest~

"We've lived on the Estate for 53 years. We were really worried about the regeneration, but from today with what we've been told and what we've seen, I can envisage us being quite happy once it's all done ~Mr and Mrs Pearce~

"I was a bit worried about the regeneration at first, but having seen today the square metres of the new flats, three bedroom particularly, I don't think it's going to be too bad at all." ~Mrs Motileb~

"I feel very good about it and I could be celebrating my 100th birthday in a new apartment." ~Joan Ross~


You can hear more of our tenants stories (here).


  • All Affinity Sutton residents will remain on the Estate.
  • All our residents will retain their security of tenure and pay social rents.
  • Residents will move straight into their brand new homes.


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