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Since we wrote to you in December we have been reviewing the plans for the future of the Sutton Estate. In the next few months we’ll be consulting with you on entirely new proposals.

These new proposals will be based on the following commitments:

Blocks A-D

  • Blocks A-D cannot continue to lie empty and will be redeveloped to bring much needed homes back into use
  • These upgraded homes will be offered to previous residents who were moved out of blocks A-D
  • Any remaining upgraded homes will be offered to existing residents of the Sutton Estate who are not currently adequately housed

The rest of the Sutton Estate

  • Blocks E-K & N-O will not be demolished
  • Instead we will be investing in these blocks, including new kitchens and bathrooms
  • All residents will see an improvement to the exterior of the blocks and public outdoor space 
  • The plans for blocks L and M remain unchanged

Clare Miller, Chief Executive of Clarion Housing Group, is fully behind these proposals.

“Our overriding priority is to meet the needs of current residents living on the estate and to secure the future of social housing in Kensington and Chelsea. We are committed to delivering a sustainable future for the Sutton Estate and look forward to working with the community to realise our shared ambition.”

  • All of our residents will remain on the Estate.
  • All our residents will retain their security of tenure and pay social rents.
  • Residents will move straight into their brand new homes.


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